What has Sienna Miller got to do with Agile?

Agile Retrospectives: Rich explains the business benefits of going deeper with teams

I have been working closely with Rich at the TechHub in London this week. We are using a customised agile process to pivot a business whose market is a very rapidly changing. We are coming to the end of the first third of our 99-Day Accele...

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Bowie's Secret to Success

Bowie's foundation for his creativity and innovation was his extraordinary ability to listen, tune in and be fully present. What follows is a unique Bowie moment that is not something you find in the media....

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Jason Little

5 Lessons from Tech to Change Your Culture

As someone running a successful business you may not think there is much a software engineer could teach you about management. But one of management's hardest tasks, cultural change, is complex, intangible and often a moving target. These are prec...

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Who needs a hero?

Leadership: I cannot read a business publication or guru blog without it getting a mention. Performance, it seems, is all about our leaders. These pontificators appear oblivious to the data. Kahneman in his opus ‘Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow’ poin...

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Accenture CEO

Death of the Annual Performance Review?

Lucy Kellaway of the FT loves to stir things up. It’s ‘common sense’ to get rid of the ‘charade’ of annual appraisal as Accenture are apparently doing. ‘Performance Reviews will soon be over for al...

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What Leaders Can Learn from My Blender

Insight can come in simple moments. As photographer and author Chris Orwig said in his TEDx Talk, Finding the Magnificent in the Mundane, “beauty can be found in unexpected places… by savouring the moments in life.”...

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ICSA Ireland May 2015

The Rise of the Company Secretary

SLP was honoured to be invited to speak at two of ICSA’s conferences this year on the subject of Success and Succession. The context for the talk was lessons learned from the tactical and strategic errors made at Manchester United over the past t...

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Six Levels of Collaboration

The 6 Levels of Collaboration

What makes a major industry CEO send a LinkedIn message to the world that he is participating in a global conference to set aside barriers and commit to collaboration above competition? Fo...

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Taking A Hit - Boxing's Framework for Success.

On May 2nd, 2015, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Floyd “Money” Mayweather won by unanimous decision over Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao in what was billed as “the fight of the century.” Around the world, there was tremendous public attention given to t...

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Finding your Purpose - SLP in the Huffington Post

It's that time of year again, when everyone seems to be shrilly offering advice - how to be more successful, make a fortune, find the perfect job. The really annoying ones tell you how you can have them all at once - plus how to meditate, write a...

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safety targets

Safety targets change nothing

Set any safety target you like – the hard fact is that it tells you nothing about what you, your leadership team or the wider organisation needs to do next. The good news is that a key group of people are already hard at work to make your...

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Richard Branson

The ideal and the imperfect leader

Talent management these days tries to be very systematic about what makes for a great leader, even analysing and measuring the specific capabilities you need for your particular organisation and then trying to identify those who have these capabil...

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Funny you should say that

I have never seen any research that relates the capacity of a leader to have fun with effectiveness and results. Not have I ever seen anything that shows the importance of humour as a differentiating factor for great teamwork. Yet it seems obvious...

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Just Do It

The perfect slogan... Just do it!

The Australian Open entourage swaggered into Melbourne this week. Suddenly the rather dowdy advertising we’ve had for the Australia/England cricket has been washed away by big brash sexy tennis ads. Uniqlo, in a master stroke of endorsement, back...

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ENGLAND IMPLODES: Lessons from losing

As an Englishman living in Australia I have just had to live through an excruciating experience – watching the English cricket team being trounced by the Australian team 5-0 in the Ashes series. Now if you are English or Australian you will know t...

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