What has Sienna Miller got to do with Agile?

Agile Retrospectives: Rich explains the business benefits of going deeper with teams

I have been working closely with Rich at the TechHub in London this week. We are using a customised agile process to pivot a business whose market is a very rapidly changing.

We are coming to the end of the first third of our 99-Day Accelerator process and things are beginning to flow. It is not without bumps though.

This week I was struck by how Rich runs Retrospectives to deal with breakdowns and surface insight, so thought I'd talk to him about it and share.

The way we are working draws on broad church of influences and Rich has brought some practices in from Primal Therapy. In this video he explains the business benefits of going deeper with teams, starting with some thoughts about Sienna Miller's recent much publicised experience of the power of dealing with past experiences to move forwards...

Read Richard's original blog for more detail.