We are out to transform the way the world works. Founded on decades of business and consulting experience, we have combined our expertise to form a growing team that has a history of extraordinary impact, deep executive relationships and a shared commitment to support outstanding leaders. Read our story here.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Oddi Aasheim Managing Director

As MD I get to spend my days working with people that are up for making our world a truly exciting and fulfilling place.  I am deeply immersed with some seriously impressive executives grappling with complex issues, developing groundbreaking strategic solutions, mobilising executive teams and organisations into passionate and purposeful action.

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Neil Gibb Director & Consulting Partner

I really do think we have it in our power to transform the world for the better. I am not interested in just being a consultant, I am interested in helping build the companies and institutions that are influencing and shaping how the world works, and to help develop the leadership and capability needed for this new and disruptive era we have entered.

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Phillida Fleming

Phillida Fleming Consulting Partner

If you are looking for a new capacity for performance for yourself as a leader, and for your teams, then I could be looking for you… You could join the exceptional collection of senior leaders with substantial accountabilities with whom I have the privilege to partner and immediately impact your actions and produce unprecedented results.

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Agnes Profile Picture

Agnes Bamford Coaching Partner

A commitment to generate more understanding and tolerance in the world has inspired me since I was a teenager. So now working in the field of diversity, intercultural leadership and communication - with teams and executives who work globally - is a dream come true for me.

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Richard Atherton Change Agent & Consulting Partner

I like a challenge. I like people and I like technology that can be used to make world a better place. My current specific interest is in how we can apply some of the recent discoveries in the fields of neuroscience and psychotherapy to the workplace. How can we translate a better understanding of how humans tick into improved business outcomes?

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Anne Chatroux

Anne Chatroux Associate - Women's Leadership

Empowering leaders and causing a world of equality is what my life is all about. Transforming corporations to take advantage of the enormous business potential that diversity represent is my mission.

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Ferdi D'Souza

Ferdi D'Souza Consulting Partner

I am very clear that what my life is about is causing a transformation of what is possible for us human beings. What I want is for people to fully ‘be’ who they can be.

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Philip James Associate Consultant - Europe & Middle East

Most of my work is centred on helping clients with Leadership. In my experience, Leadership is easy to talk about, hard to sustain but underlies many client issues with capability.

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