Anne Chatroux

Associate - Women's Leadership

Empowering leaders and causing a world of equality is what my life is all about. Transforming corporations to take advantage of the enormous business potential that diversity represent is my mission.

Both my life and my career have systematically taken me to this point and it is a deep privilege for me. Back in the day when I was an investment banker I toyed with the idea that it would make business sense to evolve your employees - what I meant by that was essentially improving their emotional intelligence and skills; today often termed feminine leadership skills. Now after many years of coaching and designing leadership programmes I can finally say I have proven the hypothesis – it does make business sense. In joining SLP I have found the group of consultants that have both the ability and the heart to take on large corporate transformations.

10 years in corporate and investment banking gave me both a sound understanding of business and the experience of being the only female professional in the room. Being on a quest to prove my hypothesis I joined a niche leadership development and breakthrough performance consultancy and while this was a big leap from investment banking it taught me the ropes in the leadership development conversation. Building on my own life experiences I have developed my own thinking in the female leadership conversation.

I am a qualified SLP Master Coach.

What others say about me:

"Moving from middle to senior management was an important career accomplishment, but it quickly became overwhelming. My desire to do the job perfectly meant that I wasn’t delegating work to my staff, but instead working myself to a nub. I didn’t know how to set boundaries or say no. I quickly began to drown.

I started coaching with Anne about six months into my new position. She immediately identified what was at the core of my struggles and went right to work to dismantle my restrictive behaviors and beliefs.

Examining what was underneath my perfectionist nature was key. Anne zeroed in on my fear of making mistakes that showed up everywhere, but particularly at work. We worked on shifting my belief that said ‘I have to do it all’ as well as my inability to say no or set boundaries. Her coaching peeled back the layers until we worked through the issues that imperiled my new position.

My relationship to work has shifted dramatically. I now delegate effectively and I’ve learned to say no; this has freed up my time to do better work and mentor my team.

Perhaps the real ‘proof in the pudding’ of Anne’s coaching is what my boss said upon learning that I’m moving back to my home country: “We’ve got big shoes to fill now that Rachael is leaving.” Previous to working with Anne, I couldn’t begin to fill those shoes, only drown in them.

Anne’s coaching is incredibly challenging and equally rewarding. I recommend her with the highest regard."

Rachael Davern , Macquary