Ferdi D'Souza

Consulting Partner

I am very clear that what my life is about is causing a transformation of what is possible for us human beings. What I want is for people to fully ‘be’ who they can be.

Given that most people spend the majority of their lives working in organisations, it is the most potent place for making this transformation happen. The leaders of today’s largest corporations have bigger budgets, and influence the lives of more people, than do Presidents, Prime Ministers and other political leaders. If these corporate leaders could see that they had the opportunity and the power to transform the world, they would take the opportunity. That is what has me do what I do today.

I was fortunate in that the journey of my life led me to this place. I graduated from St Xavier’s College, Bombay University with Physics and Mathematics and then realised I was more interested in the application of Physics so I went on to study Electronics Engineering.

I realised quite early on in my career that real leadership was missing in the workplace: that if I wanted my life to be easier and more fruitful I needed to step in and take the lead. So I went onto to do my Management Studies and worked as a Manager.

As a Manager I realised that management is not leadership. Managers manage what is already possible and doable, but for getting to ‘where no one has been before‘ requires something else - it requires leadership. And to provide that leadership requires a depth of understanding and acceptance of oneself - a willingness to distinguish what is missing in oneself and then to develop it.

This is when I was introduced to the technology of transformation. Making possible that which was not possible before. Altering for myself and others, what the world looks like, what my challenges and situation looks like, such that with this alteration in perspective things now are possible that didn’t seem possible before.

I spent the next twenty years working with people who had the same vision and commitment and led transformational programs all over the world.

During this time I have had the privilege of working with some very accomplished people who are willing to put aside their past success and look at what was missing in their own development. They were willing to tell the truth to themselves because of the size of the future that they were committed to, for themselves and their organisation, which required them moving beyond their levels of competence and comfort.

Doing this kind of work has been my blessing.

I am a qualified SLP Master Coach.

What others say about me:

"Ferdi has made my productivity multiply, each time I interacted with him, by pinpointing where I was getting stopped. To be specific he is the person responsible for making me see that I wanted to take very little risk in my profession. Since then I have been able to take some of the most challenging assignments in my profession (the latest one being setting up a organisation from scratch in India in current tough times). I owe him a major portion of my professional success." Kamal Gulati - MD ITS Technology Solution

"Ferdi’s style is simple yet empowering. What he says leaves you with an altered and transformed view of life from which performance emerges. His commitment to results is amazing and so is his integrity. He is compassionate and yet makes a relentless demand on the people he works with and that combination is hard to find, especially because he can do that to a group of people not just individuals. Thank you Ferdi for the difference your coaching made to my life." Renuka Iyer, Director of Human Resources at International Executive Service Corps (IESC)

"The empowerment of the staff was immediate and decisive. The national staff are now taking a more active role, and we now have two national officers who are section chiefs. Financial authority has been given to national staff for the first time, and all the decisions that were taken at the Retreat have already been implemented. The potential of the group was mobilised and we now have a cohesive, related team working in partnership with spirit and passion. Leadership is being expressed in each member of staff, not only designated leaders. Structures for communicating issues were put in place, and we have maintained the best practices for communicating for cooperation and progress. The staff are now willing to speak up and take risks; they challenge assumptions, the status quo and barriers in order to fulfil on the impossible." Dr Sharad Sapra - UNICEF Representative to Uganda

"Ferdi is one of the most extraordinary prorgamme facilitators, course leaders and coaches I have ever met. I will take any opportunity to work with him just for his unbelievable ability to listen to people. If you want to vastly improve your own or your team's ability to achieve results that so far seem stubbornly out of reach, he is the man to work with." Dominik Heil PhD – Sessional Lecturer Wits Business School