Neil Gibb

Director & Consulting Partner

I really do think we have it in our power to transform the world for the better, which is why I helped establish SLP. I am not interested in just being a consultant, I am interested in helping build the companies and institutions that are influencing and shaping how the world works, and to help develop the leadership and capability needed for this new and disruptive era we have entered.

At the risk of trying to sound like Steve Jobs my career makes sense only when I look back on it. What at the time often seemed like intuitive leaps now seem to present some kind of continuity.

I started out working for Boots Company in the UK at a time when it was going through a huge change. It was a fantastic and thorough apprenticeship in which I got to work with a number of great consultants and consultancies, including a close encounter with that great catalyst for change Tom Peters – which opened my eyes to the power of disruptive thinking. After five years at Boots I joined Deloitte Consulting, where among other things, I worked on establishing some of the institutions that would become the EU, and also with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals at a time when they were changing their culture - a process that lead to the development of Viagra!

During the mid 1990's I became more and more interested in the confluence between strategic communications and new technology, so joined a strategic consulting company which was part of Saatchi & Saatchi, then moved to Weber Shandwick to help establish a new digital communications business. This lead me to being approached to join Sapient as a Director during the .com period, where I got interested in the area of human experience and design.

in 2001 I made my second career shift – this time initially into company turnarounds which developed into what I do now: helping businesses have performance breakthroughs, especially in situations where there is a large amount of uncertainty, risk, disruption or change. As I have gotten older I have become more and more interested in human and cultural development and the importance of building resilient adaptive inclusive organisations for human, political and economic wellbeing.

I am adept at helping create powerful collaborative high performing organisations, especially across cultures, disciplines and organisations. I work with leaders and leadership teams, facilitating new thinking, strategic vision, and innovation. My passion is innovation and human development and I love to see people and enterprises thrive.

I have worked in the UK, Europe and Americas, and in the last few years in the Asia Pacific region, especially the emerging economies of SE Asia, which has opened by eyes both to the opposrtunities and challenges of globilisation and cross cultural business.

I am a qualified SLP Master Coach.

What others say about me:

“We couldn’t have achieved what we did without the interventions, new thinking, and hard conversations you provoked us to have. When you came in it looked like we had three months left. Now, three years later we are setting new benchmarks for productivity….this was the best-value consultancy we have ever paid for.” Project Director, Oil & Gas industry

“Neil is a natural leader, committed to getting the most out of people and in the process having people realise for themselves their unique hidden talents and strengths. Passionate, intelligent, energetic, insightful and focused: Just some of the virtues that go into describing Neil's character.” VP, Telecoms industry

“Neil is one of those rare people who makes a huge impact wherever he goes. During our work he was creative, forthright, courageous, and delivered amazing work through his leadership skills and creative ability. He is never less than brilliant.” MD, Financial Services