Phillida Fleming

Consulting Partner

If you are looking for a new capacity for performance for yourself as a leader, and for your teams, then I could be looking for you… You could join the exceptional collection of senior leaders with substantial accountabilities with whom I have the privilege to partner. I work with leaders engaged in a wide range of industries and fields such as Energy, FMCG, Aviation, Law, Transport, Retail & Manufacturing, Education and Regulation.

Together we inquire into the nature of leadership in a unique and intriguing, yet highly practical and operational manner that immediately impacts actions and leads to unprecedented results.

Having been ardent and full of youthful ideology, I started my career in business in an unconventional manner. During my twenties, I was a founder member of a number of worker owned enterprises. Discovering that the business structure alone would not bring about industrial democracy and an empowered workforce full of self generated action, I became thoughtful about – “what does?” Having then gained an LLB from Southampton University, I taught Law for nearly a decade. During that time as a teacher, I explored “what makes people both open and willing to learn, and what has us take action or not take action?”

I began to discover, through study and practical application, a range of diverse frameworks and perspectives that I could use to dramatically enhance my performance and results. I turned my thinking from teaching to coaching. I discovered that my skills could be applied in a wider professional and commercial sphere. Initially I ran a successful coaching practice before being hired by JMW Worldwide (an international corporate consultancy firm) to join their “ Leadership Development Faculty”. Over 14 years I gained substantial experience in large corporate environments by leading many Leadership Development programmes ,working with clients on site on their breakthrough projects and being a Senior Executive Coach.

I joined SLP Global to expand my scope and take part in a fellowship of like-minded and deeply thoughtful consultants with a commitment to supporting leaders and teams who are up to something and out to produce outstanding performance.

I am a qualified SLP Master Coach.

What others say about me:

"If you want to achieve your full potential, follow your dreams and deliver results beyond what you thought possible, the most important thing that you can do is work with Phillida. She is a truly extraordinary coach. She really listens, offers the most accurate of insights, and is steadfast in her commitment to you. I have seen her make a difference in so many people’s lives, helping organisations and individuals take on and deliver sensational business results." (Gretchen Haskins, CEO HeliOffshore, formerly Group Safety Director UK CAA and Group Safety Director NATS)

"Whether you think you have have things sorted, or you realise you need help as a leader, it's worth getting in touch with Phillida. Phillida opens new doors for alternative thinking around your leadership and the possibilities it provides. I have enjoyed working with Phillida on and off for 10 years - every conversation has been rewarding." (Gordon Graham, Wells Leadership & Company Wide HSE Shell).

"Phillida makes an immediate and sustainable impact. She powerfully gets leaders connected with their commitment and desire to make a difference and helps them go into immediate and effective action to deliver on the commitment. The business results arising from Phillida’s contribution have been transformational. There is now a confidence and boldness to play the game full out - doing the acceptable and adequate is no longer satisfactory." (Paul Reid, Chairman, Air Navigation Solutions Ltd)